WiFi information

Good morning campers, I am sure some of you will be asking about the WiFi. So here you go:

  1. Confirm that Wireless is turned on
  2. Browse Wireless networks
  3. Select “Guest” wireless network from the list
  1. Open a web browser and you will be redirected to the authentication page
  2. Read and accept the usage terms and type in as the user id and <- (thats a zero) as the password
  3. Click “Login”
  4. On the Step 2 page, click on No Thanks – Continue Registration
  5. Wait for the registration to finish


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Kristin Falkner’s slides from here PSD theme workshop

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Reminder: Theme workshop at Blankspaces

Today is the Theme workshop at Blankspaces. We have sold out, but are going to be live streaming the event on Ustream. I look forward to meeting the first LA campers of this WordCamp weekend. Cheers.

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Send in your photos!!

Since it was a big hit last year during my presentation, I’ve decided to re-open the photo site. So go ahead and send in any and all photos during WordCamp weekend in LA. Head over to photos.wordcamp.la/about to find out how to submit your pictures.

WordCamp Photos

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Teaser: Badges


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WordCamp Theme workshop live stream

I am going to set up a channel on ustream were you can watch the theme workshop which is taking place at Blankspaces. Head over to http://live.wordcamp.la to watch the stream, and the live blog!

Update: For the time being, the video stream is only for Friday.

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WordCamp Party Bus

So you know about the After Party right? Well did you know about the party bus?

My Party Ride bus

This year we are offering our guests a free shuttle ride from the Custom Hotel starting at 6:30 to Brennan’s Pub. The Party shuttle will run until 10pm (to and from).

So if you’re staying at The Custom Hotel, or just want to hop on, show up and enjoy this 31 passenger limo bus thank to the guys at My Party Ride. Just note, since it seats 31 there might be a wait at first.

So, what do you think about that?

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Speaker Spotlight: Wes Chyrchel

I love the web. It truly is my passion. I’m lucky enough to have made it my career for the last 15 years. This industry has changed a lot in that time and it keeps getting better.

I’m constantly surprised at how resilient the web has been over the years. Every time someone says the web is dead, out comes something new that rocks the industry. The innovation is spectacular.

WordPress is part of that wave of innovation that is rocking the web. The community is strong, the developers are solid and the progression is steady. This is a great time to be a web developer.

I’ve been building websites with WordPress since 2006 and I often get asked why I use WordPress. Over the years there were different responses, “it’s the best blogging platform”, “It’s easy to use”, “There is a strong community”, etc. The truth is, WordPress has gotten exponentially better every year. Now whenever I get asked that question, I ask a question right back, “Why not WordPress?” It can do everything you need.

I’m looking forward to speaking about WordPress Multisite and some of the tips, tricks and hacks I’ve learned over the last year. If you see me please introduce yourself and tell me what you are working on. The second thing best thing about WordCamp is all the great people you meet and the exchange of ideas. See you there!

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Speaker Spotlight: Greg Taylor

Why is content important to search? How does search dictate your content? Can social media play a part in content publishing? What are the tools professionals use to develop content that works?

All these questions, plus other, will be answered in Greg Taylor’s WordCamp LA session of Winning The Search War With Content.

Greg Taylor. Founder of Marketing Press, in Tempe, AZ is a veteran in the Phoenix marketing community. Having led teams large and small into marketing battles, Taylor is familiar with what it takes to separate one brand from one another.

“Every piece of published content needs to serve a purpose and work towards a desired business result,” says Taylor. “Unless you are blogging as a hobby or online journaling, publishing content just for the sake of publishing content is a waste of time, energy and resources.”

If you talk to Greg, you’ll see he’s extremely passionate about WordPress and creating content that solves business challenges.

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Teaser: WordCamp Shirt


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