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Adam McLane

Adam McLane is the Principal Monster at McLane Creative and Partner at The Youth Cartel. Adam helps individual bloggers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations build momentum around their ideas.

Brad Markle

My programming background started in Jr. High with looking at source code and hacking games on those ever so popular Casio Graphing Calculators. I enjoyed it so much that I began writing my own programs, and from there have learned other various skills such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP, .Net, PHP, and MySQL. Because I started programming at a young age, It doesn’t take long for me to pick up on programming related topics. I really enjoy getting lost in code, especially when it means automating tasks and saving time. I’ve worked the last few years in the Web Hosting Industry providing Technical Support, helping 1000’s of users with all sorts of problems. Besides doing Tier 1 Level Tech Support, I’ve had experience in System Level Server tasks, I’ve launched a Training Department, and more recently I’ve been getting into SEO and Social Media.

Brandon Ryan Jones

I’m the current site editor for http://wp.tutsplus.com – in addition to being the top selling American seller of WordPress themes on http://ThemeForest.net, one of the largest theme marketplaces. I also ran the http://webdesign.tutsplus.com site since it’s launch in October 2010.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema started working on web sites in 1994 and has been leveraging the magic of WordPress since 2005. A native of Orange County, he’s just moved back to San Diego after twenty years in the Bay Area where he started & sold two startups, turned two more around, and coached a series of entrepreneurs. In almost every case he used WordPress as his secret weapon, until he mistakenly spilled the beans on how easy it was to use.

Cody Landefeld

Cody Landefeld is the owner and CEO at codyL where he oversees web strategy for businesses. Our company plans, builds, and oversees amazing things for the web. Beginning out of college in 2000, he began working for entertainment entities building interactive design projects and creating websites. In 2005 he launched codyL as a website and design agency focused on helping people build their projects and have success on the web.

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor is Founding Partner of TMC Interactive and Founder of Marketing Press, As an award-winning veteran Phoenix marketer, Interactive Marketing and Digital Content is Greg Taylor’s expertise. He categorizes himself as a long time digital content creator, “You’re either a digital content creator or a content consumer, I feel I’ve always been the former.”

With Taylor’s content marketing experience with brands and non-profits, his unique approach to digital marketing strategy, WordPress development and social media marketing sets him apart as a thought leader in the digital marketing landscape.

A native of Warren, New Jersey, Greg Taylor has called Tempe, AZ his home since 1997. “Yes it’s hot here,” says Taylor, “but you don’t have to shovel sunshine.”

Jeremy Harrington

My name is Jeremy Harrington and I’m user experience and creative design lead for Voce Communications. I oversee user experience design for a variety of high-performance and popular WordPress-powered sites for enterprise clients. I’ve been involved in usability, interface & visual design for 13 years working with clients like Boeing, General Motors, Apple, Disney, Sony, NASA JPL & BMW.

John Hawkins

John has been developing sites on the web for 15+ years. Currently living just outside of Las Vegas, NV where he runs 9seeds.com, which focuses primarily on WordPress plugin and site development for clients. John is also a bit of a WordCamp groupie. He organized WordCamp Las Vegas in January 2009 before ever having attended a WordCamp. Since then he’s spoke at or attended more than 20 WordCamp events across the US (including Phoenix and New York on the SAME WEEKEND!)

Jordan Acosta

I’m an English major who recently discovered, after an eventful internship at a manga publisher, that his Web skills are far more valuable than his editorial skills. Though I plan on continuing with a BA in English Literature, it’s clear that my paid career is in Web design and development.

Justin Dorfman

I am a support engineer over at NetDNA/MaxCDN a Content Delivery Network based here in Los Angeles. I help hundreds of customers on a monthly basis optimize their site to utilize our services as well as other WPO techniques, primarily using the W3-Total Cache Plugin.

Kristin Falkner

My name is Kristin Falkner and I’m a WordPress designer & developer. I primarily do custom theme development for various organizations and personalities, some well-known such as TOMS or Film Independent. I have multiple projects featured in the WordPress Showcase and I spoke at a panel about Designing for WordPress at last year’s WordCamp. I was a regular HTML/PHP web developer before I transitioned into primarily doing WordPress development so I very much remember the different elements that made theming for WordPress click for me and hope to share some of that info.

Marcus Cohn

Marcus Cohn runs creative and website design and development at 2tor, a company who partners with preeminent institutions of higher education to deliver rigorous, selective degree programs online to students globally. In his tenure working at 2tor, Marcus has led the strategy, design, and implementation of a dozen websites for some of the nation’s top tier universities, all of them WordPress. Several of these sites have been featured on the WordPress.org showcase and Marcus is a WordPress enthusiast.

Marcus Cohn is a social entrepreneur living in New York City with a background in marketing, social media, anthropology, and sustainable international development. He has a passion for ideas that utilize technology to forge previously impossible connections resulting in positive social change. He also loves working for start-ups capable of bring great (and often simple) ideas to fruition.

Previously, he has worked for JustMeans and is a co-founder of Zimride, a provider of online social rideshare and carpool matching systems. In his spare time, Marcus works on a variety of community development and service learning projects in Nicaragua. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Cornell University.

Marty Thornley

Marty started as a freelance designer and developer of WordPress sites, eventually partnering with designer Ellen Petty of Identity Kitchen. They worked together building custom WordPress sites for photographers. Together they founded PhotographyBlogSites.com offering easy to use All-In-One portfolio websites for photographers, all powered by WordPress multisite, with premium themes and custom built plugins.

Matt Michell

Matthew Lawson

I’ve been using WordPress for most of my web designs since 2007. What most impressed me about WordPress was it’s fantastic out-of-the-box SEO structure and the potential for better search engine marketing. I also enjoy designing and developing themes that break the mold of most WordPress websites. I spend my days designing websites at Bravo Design Inc. in Burbank, and spend my nights designing personal websites and keeping up on web cultures. Sometimes I enjoy a Newcastle Brown Ale, but regret not being able to buy it with Bitcoins.

Michael Fields

I am a plugin and theme developer from Portland, Oregon.

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is co-founder of Kapost. Mike graduated Dartmouth College in 2000 with a Computer Science degree. Following Dartmouth, he worked at AOL Time Warner reporting to CTO Bill Raduchel. In 2006, Mike founded the company Qloud with partner Toby Murdock (another AOL alum). In 2008, Qloud was acquired by BUZZMedia and Mike became EVP of Product for all of BUZZMedia. In 2009, Mike co-founder Kapost, a service for the publishing industry to better manage their content and writers.

Peter Chester

I am the CTO at Shane & Peter, Inc. Along with our team of about 25 freelancers, we have designed and built a number of WordPress networks (Gigaom, MTV, RadioOne, TownSquare, Seagate, Holiday Inn) producing over 300 sites, many of which individually attract over a million unique visitors per month. We are also the power behind Events Calendar PRO, the top selling plugin on Code Canyon as well as dozens of open source plugins.

Ryan Fugate

I’ve been working with BuddyPress for the past two years and have created a few BuddyPress themes and plugins including BuddyPress Mobile.

Wes Chyrchel

Wes has been developing websites and online applications for the last 15 years. Though, he has built sites from many platforms, the last three years of web development has been completely dedicated to WordPress. Wes’ passion is Web Development and feels very fortunate to be working in an industry that he cares so much about. Wes is the Owner of Crowded Sites. Crowded Sites is a boutique web development shop that develops exclusively with WordPress.

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